Napster for your

With Napster Unlimited you can listen to your music directly via the web player or install the Napster Software. With the Napster Software you can easily manage your entire music collection. If you’re a Napster Unlimited plus Mobile user you can even save your favourite songs to play when there’s no internet connection.

Notice for Mac OS 10.8 User

Listen to your Napster music with no internet connection. All you need is Napster Unlimited plus Mobile and the Napster Software to save your favourite songs and play them offline.

Any updates you make to your library with the Napster Software will instantly sync on all your other devices.

The Napster Software makes it easy to manage your music library. Drag and drop tracks, edit playlists - build a library as big as you want!

Install the Napster Software on up to three computers. This lets you enjoy all your music whenever you need it - at home, in the office or on the go.

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